Most Dry Cleaned Garments $2.50*
Mens Laundered Shirts $1
*additional charges for beads, fancy, etc.
Ruby Cleaners Outlet
811 E. Butterfield Rd
Our same great prices and service, straight to your front door. 

At Ruby Cleaners Outlet, we understand that everyone does not have time to stop by the dry cleaners. However, that does not mean that those customers should be excluded from trying our low cost, excellent quality dry cleaning. 

We currently are offering free pick up and delivery to homes and offices in the area at the same price as our store. Most dry cleaned garments are still $2.50, and men's laundry shirts are still $1. There are no hidden fees, surcharges, or delivery charges. Prices paid at our store are the same prices you will pay for delivery . However, to pay for certain costs, we have set a minimum pick up order of $20. Placing a minimum prevents us from charging fees, and keeps our prices low. 

Our Delivery Team is scheduled to pick up and deliver twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. We will work with you to set up a schedule that best matches your needs. 
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